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Leading Remote Teams Playbook

Leading Remote Teams Playbook

Alison Jones

Download your (totally free) copy of our playbook, filled with hints + tips on leading remote teams, as the UK continues to battle against COVID-19, here.

Let's call out the elephant in the room right now - things are not normal. They won't be for a while. The way we live and work has been totally thrown out of sorts.

It wouldn't be unreasonable to suggest that some people might be finding the situation incredibly difficult - both themselves or with poorly loved ones.

We're stuck indoors, we're balancing kids + work and we're fixated on the TV at 5pm every afternoon for the prime minister's briefings. It's not surprising if morale + motivation isn't where we'd like it.

It's inevitable that your culture might be shifting too. But hey, ever the optimist - that doesn't have to be a bad thing.

In this playbook we'll be sharing lots of hints, tips + tools you can use to make your remote-friendly culture productive and supportive.

Download your free playbook here.