Leadership + Management

Business performance is almost exclusively influenced by it's people and your leadership teams are (unsurprisingly) the critical enabler for creating a culture that fosters high-performance. This is particularly important in a fast-growing and scaling environment.

We believe our signature programme is truly transformational. Tailored to support the development of your people managers, we focus on three key areas:

  • Competency, so leaders have the tools to motivate, develop + support their team
  • Credibility, so their teams trust, respect + value their leadership
  • Confidence, so leaders feel good about their ability to build and develop super-happy + productive teams
Leadership + Management Development

Let us call it out here - we're not your traditional leadership consultancy or 'management training' company. We think out of the box, we're creative + whilst we take our work seriously, we like to have fun. As an independent business we're super proud to say that everything we do is tailored specifically for you, meaning you'll never get an off-the-shelf or "corporate" feel to our programmes.

Think of us as partners. So what does make us different?

All About You: Personal, Tailored + Never Off-the-Shelf

We take time to get to know your business + people so we can help you overcome real-life, real-time challenges. They'll feel confident + empowered to make an impact from day one.

We've Ditched the Theory-Heavy Approach

Theory is pointless if you can't apply it. So, we've ditched the role play and hidden the theory-heavy training manual to create super-experiential learning experiences that are proven to drive performance.

Simple Tools, Backed By Neuroscience

We focus on useful and actionable tools that work. None of what we explore is based on theory alone, instead drawing on personal experience as people-managers + backed up by neuroscience.

Number of Participants

To make sure your team get the best from our time together, we recommend no more than 10 people. Actually, we're pretty strict about it. Our clients rave about the impact we have, but the work we do becomes less impactful if there's too many in the room.

One Day Workshops

Don't fancy the whole Leadership + Management programme? We can craft + deliver one day workshops on a range of topics, from goal setting, to communication to personal resilience. The easiest thing to do is to pop us a message and let us know what your requirements are.

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