Authentic Leadership Accelerator

The Open Leadership Programme, for Individuals from High-Growth Businesses

High-growth businesses are pretty cool places to be (and we're not even talking about the beer fridge!). They're exciting, fast-paced and ambitious. For those businesses to be successful they need leaders who know how to get the best from their people. Maybe that's why you find yourself here.

So what makes this mastermind-style leadership programme different from all the other programmes out there?

  • Draw on the insights of five other people-managers, from other organisations, in a confidential and action-focused environment. None of what we explore is based on theory alone, instead drawing on both neuroscience and the experiences of everyone else on the programme
  • You'll have the opportunity to overcome real-life, real-time challenges so you feel confident and empowered to make an impact from day one
  • We've ditched the role play and hidden the theory-heavy training manual to create super-experiential learning experiences that are proven to drive performance
  • Join from anywhere in the world! The programme is delivered remotely, so you don't need to worry about commuting or additional travel costs.

Whilst many open programmes focus on getting 'bums on seats', we do quite the opposite. We purposely keep the groups super-small to make sure you get plenty of time for meaningful and valuable discussions.

Authentic Leadership Accelerator
Authentic Leadership Accelerator

How it Works

A mastermind-style leadership programme, jam packed with tangible, useful + practical tools. As well as gaining access to the insights of five other people-managers + their businesses, you'll get:

  • Over 12 hours, spread across 6 sessions, of group workshops that'll leave you with the confidence + ability to build and develop a high-performing team, including communication + storytelling, contracting, delegating, feedback, coaching + performance enablement
  • 3 hours of 1:1 executive coaching, which you can book at any point throughout the programme

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