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Ally Jones

Job Title

Executive Coach | Lead Facilitator | (Officially the Founder + CEO)


Ally is a highly-regarded and experienced executive leadership coach specialising in leadership development and shortlisted as Coach of the Year, 2018. Partnering with senior leaders across early-stage, high-growth businesses, her approach is pragmatic and people-led. As a Master member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), Ally actively contributes to the development of the coaching and mentoring profession.

Combining a personable and open attitude to her coaching practice, Ally has the ability and willingness to challenge effectively and appropriately.

Qualifications and Continued Professional Development
Ally has a Diploma in Professional Coach-Mentoring from The Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring 'The OCM', CIPD Diploma in Learning and Development and postgraduate qualifications in Service Operations Management and Service Excellence from Warwick Business School. Practicing at the highest level, Ally's membership with the EMCC is at Masters level.

Ally's Coaching
One of Ally's coaching strengths lies in helping companies to get the best from their people by supporting senior professionals to quite simply be better leaders. This involves creating a psychologically safe space for the individual to explore how they can influence the culture within their organisation for the better and therefore enable it to thrive. It can be somewhat challenging for the individual (and sometimes for the coach!) but by being honest, authentic and pragmatic Ally supports them to gain insight into their own behaviours and how these can impact the business.

Other areas of expertise include confidence building and examining falsely held perceptions. Ally helps her clients to identify their personal 'brand' and strengthen their credibility with themselves and within the company.

Much of Ally's work revolves around relationship building whether with individual leaders or with whole teams. These can often be the source of organisational dysfunction - when the sum of the whole is less than the sum of its parts! Problems arise not from any single person on the team but from the connections (or lack of) between them.

Personal Life
Ally's coaching career predates having a family, and she now successfully juggles running a consultancy with raising her two sons (Oliver, 4, and Joey, a newborn!). She isn't quite sure if she brings her coaching skills into negotiations with Oliver, or whether he is refining her skills by setting particularly challenging problems for her to resolve! As well as being a (fairly mediocre) skier, Ally enjoys travelling and child-free visits to the local pub!

With a keen interest in giving back, Ally has partnered with a handful of charities on a pro-bono basis.

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